Frequently Asked Questions

Learning Music Is Just A Luxury Isn’t It?

No. Music is a fundamental part of our culture. There are wonderful social and health benefits associated with learning a musical instrument at all stages of life.

While it won't necessarily make you smarter, there is abundant evidence to show that people who study and play music gain long term improvement in memory, verbal fluency, information processing, planning ability, and other cognitive functions.*

Am I Too Old?

Nope. It may be true that the besttime to start learning a musical instrument is as a child. In fact, most virtuoso players did just that. But if, like many people, you missed that opportunity, don't despair. As long as you don't have a debilitating illness or impaired hand function, there is no reason why you can't develop a satisfying level of playing ability at any age.

Studies show that learning music has important benefits at all stages of life and can help guard against memory loss and cognitive decline as we age.

What Is The Minimum Age That You Teach?

About 8 or 9 for guitar and 6 or 7 for piano. Many young children find it very difficult to focus for a 30 minute lesson on a musical instrument every week. And it's almost impossible to get them to practise between lessons. It's best to introduce younger children to music gradually. If your 5 year old wants to learn, start them off with one or two lessons about a month apart. Just don't expect too much from them straight away. Let them explore music at their pace.

Do I Need My Own Instrument?

Yes. You need an instrument to practise on between your lessons.

Can I Hire A Guitar From You?

Yes. You can hire a guitar from us as long as you are having regular lessons with us. We have acoustic and electric guitars available for hire.

How Often Should I Have Lessons?

You will achieve the best results if you have a lesson once a week. As a beginner, you only needa 30 minute lesson from a professional teacher. As you progress, or if you're preparing for exams or a performance, you may benefit from longer lessons.

How Long Will It Take To Learn An Instrument?

It takes years to master a musical instrument, but you can learn to play some easy songs after a few lessons and some practise.

Here's some tips on how to getthe best results when learning a musical instrument.

*Cole, D 2014,'Your Aging Brain Will Be in Better Shape If You've Taken Music Lessons', National Geographic, 3 January.